Yocan Evolve Plus Dual Coil Pack(5 pieces)




Replacement Coils for the New 2020 Edition Evolve PLUS and the Original Evolve PLUS and Regen series of vape pens. The coils are available individually or as a 5-Pack and do not come with coil caps, although you can purchase them separately. 

Dual Quartz Rod - good combination of clean taste and vapor density
Triple Quartz Rod - lung busting vapor density for cloud chasers
Ceramic Donut - gentle heat for the flavor chaser
Quartz Elite - this coil gets hot and is known for big hard hitting rips
Arsenal Tool Edition - specifically for the Arsenal Tool Edition or Zeus

These coils WILL work for the following devices:

In The Box
Evolve PLUS Wax Pen Replacement Coil(s) or Coil Cap(s)

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