4 Layer Blue Sharpstone Hand Crank Grinder




SharpStone® Brand absolutely stands up to the $100+ grinders on the market. 

This is for a brand new 4 Layer Blue Sharpstone Hand Crank Grinder:

  • Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum Rod using the newest in CNC machining technology.
  • Top features high density acrylic so you can watch it grind!
  • Heavy Duty Hand Crank Mechanism makes grinding a breeze.
  • Anodized for smooth finish; this means no wear or smudge marks.
  • Razor sharp Diamond Cutting Blades for extreme efficiency.
  • Stainless steel pollen screen allows for only the finest pollen to fall to the bottom catch.
  • Thin poly ring around top grinding section, for smooth grinding and no friction.
  • Comes with protective pouch and pollen scraper!
  •  4 Layer Blue Sharpstone Hand Crank Grinder Buy Now 
  •  4 Layer Blue Sharpstone Hand Crank Grinder is one of the best grinders in the market. 

Size:  2.5” Wide.

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