Red Heavy Hitter Large Grinder




Looking for a powerful & simple dry herb grinder that won’t bust your budget? Red Heavy Hitter Large Grinder will get the job done every time you pull it out and use it. 

This basic yet powerful grinder offers 4 separate layers for grinding and storage and includes a metal screen for sifting pollen.  Red Heavy Hitter Large Grinderfeatures sharp metal teeth that shred and grind your dry herbs into the perfect consistency for rolling joints, filling cones, or packing bowls. 

The grinder's large size but  you can easily carry it in a pocket or toss it in your bag or purse for on-the-go grinding when you need it. It's the perfect take-anywhere grinder with a matte silver finish to keep it discreet .Red Heavy Hitter Large Grinder  BUY NOW!

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