Gold Newport Turbo Torch 6'




Gold Newport Turbo Torch 6' torches are among the highest rated in the industry for quality and safety. Extremely versatile and durable, they can be used for cigars, hooka coals, and 710 heating elements. All you need to do is select a color to match your battle station!   
 Gold Newport Turbo Torch 6' eye catching and also works great. 

Gold Newport Turbo Torch 6' are some of the highest rated torches out there. Known for quality, dependability and durability. With a flame temp of up to 1300 C, you will easily be able to reach your desired temp. Available in a large variety of colors.


  • 3 second quick refill 
  • Self-Igniting piezo Ignition
  • Air control collar for switch from jet flame to soft flame
  • Safety adjustable flame
  • Works at any angle
  • Flame Temp: 1100-1200°C (Max 1300°C)



Height: 6.0"  Torch Length: 4.5"  Weight: 215 Grams

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