Honeycomb Green Ashcatcher(14mm M/F)




If you're a bong user, you certainly enjoy the smooth & cool hits your piece gives you. However, you know that your bong starts getting gunked up after enjoying a few bowls. That's why you should be using an ashcatcher that will filter all that combusted material from the smoke before it reaches your bong.

This Honeycomb Green  Ashcatcher(14mm M/F) features a double honeycomb. The perc is there to filter your smoke through its tiny vertical and horizontal slits. When you use this Honeycomb Green  Ashcatcher(14mm M/F), you can enjoy extended seshes with fewer interruptions for clearing out your bong. You'll appreciate your bong more and want to use and share it more often. 

When you attach this Honeycomb Green  Ashcatcher(14mm M/F) to your piece, you'll get smoother, cleaner, and cooler hits. While you'll still have to clean your bong now and then, it won't be so often nor as difficult, thanks to the Honeycomb Green  Ashcatcher(14mm M/F) you've attached to your bong's joint. 

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