Cup Regular Banger 14mm (Male)




Cup Regular Banger 14mm (Male) quartz thermal banger has been designed to prevent vapor loss and is much better at retaining heat than borosilicate glass. This means you can take multiple dabs after only heating the quartz banger once. The unique double wall construction enables you to adjust the airflow for consistent, controlled vapor.

Cup Regular Banger 14mm (Male) banger comes with an 14mm male joint and can instantly convert your bong or bubbler into a dab rig. Just connect the banger to your bong or bubbler, heat from the bottom, let it cool for a few seconds and then load your concentrate into the banger with a dab tool.

The bangers 14 male joint fits all 14mm female joints. The 90° angle makes this banger perfect for all bongs that have a downstem placed in a 90° angle as well, which is usually the case with bongs with a fixed downstem.

Cup Regular Banger 14mm (Male) quality thermal quartz banger makes a great replacement or spare part in case of accidents. Cup Regular Banger 14mm (Male) BUY NOW.

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