Candy Cane Spoon Pipe 4'




Fuming in glassblowing is a technique that involves small pieces of metal like gold or silver being heated up until they vaporize. Glass is then placed into the vapor stream which covers the glass in a layer of vaporized metal.

This Candy Cane Spoon Pipe 4' is a sight to behold and a pleasure to use. It's got a carb on the left side   and a large marble on the opposite side. It's made of top quality glass using an assortment of cane colors. 

With the beautiful dot work on the head of the pipe and the nicely tapered stem, Candy Cane Spoon Pipe 4' is sure to be one you'll love using and showing off. 

Candy Cane Spoon Pipe 4' patterned design really pops when the pipe is held up to a light background. As you use the pipe and it fills with dark resin, a visible spectrum of color is revealed.

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