Blue Heavy Hitter Large Grinder




When it comes to pocket-sized herb grinders, you can't find any that compare to The Heavy Hitter. This line of USA-made herb grinders are top-notch, high performers from top to bottom. 

Blue Heavy Hitter Large Grinder sets itself apart from the others in this product line by using square teeth instead of pointed, sharp teeth. Every time you use the Blue Heavy Hitter Large Grinder, the square teeth will consistently grind your herb without the teeth wearing down or becoming dull. 

Blue Heavy Hitter Large Grinder is made from a single piece of high-grade CNC aluminum. The grinder's surface is covered with a protective anodized coating. 

This innovative little grinder has a strong magnetic top made from a triple layer of nickel and copper. Under the series of square teeth is the herb chamber that contains a stainless steel fine mesh screen. On the bottom of the grinder is a pollen chamber where you can collect all the dusty goodness that's left over. Blue Heavy Hitter Large Grinder BUY NOW !

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