Antwerp Tornado Dab Rig 12.5'




This Sidebar  arm dab rig comes with a big percolator that will double filter the smoke sp you will get the cleanest hits ever.  Comes with 14mm banger. Complex and efficient design produces the cleanest hits with a great quality product. 

 Clear glass swiss style body makes this a unique and classy design that's sure to class up your bong collection.

From top to bottom this piece stands out.  It features what we call the "Tornado Perc" which brings a unique and steady pull.  

Great from Dry Herb but can also be used as a Dab Rig.

  • Comes with a Quartz Banger
  • Beautiful clear glass
  • Swiss style body
  • Inception downstem
  • Perfect as a bong or dab rig

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