Where is your glass made?

We source our glass from artists all over the United States as well as internationally. Mostly our glass comes from California blowers. 

Can you cancel my order?

As long as the order has not already shipped, we can cancel your order. 

If the order has already shipped, you can refuse the package and it will be sent back to us, then we'll treat it like a returned order. Please give us a shout if this is your plan! That way, we will be able to handle your return much faster when it arrives back in our hands. 

For credit card refunds, we do not charge processing fees but there is a 3-10 business day processing time depending on your banking institution. 

We can also refund in the form of an in-store gift card that you can start using immediately!

Do you offer replacement parts for vape pens (mouthpieces, chargers, atomizers/coils, etc.)?

Yes. We sell replacement atomizers/coils for a 510 threading connection. Any of our 510 atomizers are compatible with a 510 threading (the majority of vape pens are 510 threading)

Depending on the company/product, we also may sell company branded replacement parts for that particular accessory.

I have a history of overheating my vape pen, how can I make sure I don’t do it again?

Take breaks between uses of your pen. The recommended temperature for vape pens is between 320 and 440 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Be sure to clean your coils frequently (turn on, flip vape pen upside down, and let excess melt off - be incredibly gentle with coils, scratching them with cotton swabs or titanium tools can damage the heating chamber).

You should purchase new atomizers every 3-6 months, depending on how heavy your usage is.

How do I clean a glass blunt?

First, push out all the excess materials from the glass blunt (as if you were ashing). Then we recommend letting your glass blunt sit and soak in a 420 Cleaning Solution or isopropyl alcohol and salt. That will really get your blunt clean. 

You can let your glass blunt soak in isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt overnight (give it a couple of good shakes so that salt can scrub out some of the grunge and grime). 

There are tons of great cleaners on the market, and some not-so-great ones. Personal opinion, ingredients, and type of residue you are wanting to remove are all factors when selecting the best cleaning solution for your needs.

What Is a web proxy?

Got an e-mail notification from us stating your order was cancelled because of proxy usage, but you don't know what a proxy is?

Well, we can sit here and explain to you what a web proxy is - but you're probably only concerned with how it affects you. 

First, did you place your order from a university, work, or a public place? (Like Starbucks?) Most all of these places will install proxies on their servers so that they can have better access to what users are doing on their networks. Our system works hard to verify the identity and validity of each order placed, and with proxies - it makes it pretty difficult to verify your purchase is a valid one. 

Wait! Wait! Don't be stressed! This doesn't mean you can't place an order! Simply wait until you get home and place your order over your home network.

My torch is malfunctioning!

Can't get your torch to work? Try this common troubleshooting method first.

Sometimes air will get trapped inside the tank, which causes a vapor lock. To fix this problem, you simply need to push down on the fill pin to drain out all of the butane. Continue to hold for 5-10 seconds after all the butane has been released to release all of the built-up trapped air as well. 

From there, refill your tank, allow to sit for 1-2 minutes for the butane to adjust to room temperature, and then you will be good to go. 

Still can't get it to work? Many of our torches come with a manufacturer's warranty. Check out your torch's packaging or the manufacturer's website. You may be eligible for a replacement.

Shoot us an image of your malfunctioning product with a little information on what's going wrong, and we'll get you started on the warranty replacement process. 

My package says delivered but I can't find it.

If you purchased Route Shipping Insurance with your order, you can file a claim or send us an email with your order number. 


Alternatively, if your tracking information shows that your package was delivered, but you can't find it, follow these steps.

  • Verify the shipping address.
  • Look for a notice of attempted delivery around your door, mailbox, or typical delivery area.
  • Look around the delivery location for your package.
  • See if someone else accepted the delivery (a neighbor, roommate, etc.).
  • Some packages travel through multiple carriers; check your mailbox or wherever else you receive mail.
  • Wait 36 hours - in rare cases packages may say delivered up to 36 hours prior to arrival.

If it's been more than 36 hours after you received the package delivery notice, give us a call. Usually, the postal carrier is able to locate your package, but either way our support staff will be there to have your back. 


Can I update my address?

Only the original person who placed the order (the cardholder) can update the address. As long as the order has not shipped, we are able to update your address. Give us a call, write us in the live chat, or shoot us an e-mail (from the e-mail address associated with the order) with the order name and the correct address that you are looking to ship to. If you are looking to change shipping states, or shipping countries, additional information may be needed to prove that you are the cardholder associated with the order. 

If the order has been shipped, we are unable to update your address. 

I recently placed an order and my tracking number is not being found by the carrier website?

Just got your tracking e-mail, and the link says tracking number not found?! What's up with that?

Once your order is completely packaged up, our shippers print out and assign you a shipping label. Right at that exact moment, our system sends you an e-mail with confirmation of that tracking number. The tracking number will not be valid until our shippers hand over the package to the postal carrier, and the postal carrier scans in the package to their system. This typically happens around 6pm EST every day, but you may receive your tracking e-mail a few hours before that! Check back again a few hours later (tracking should appear within 12 hours of you receiving your tracking confirmation e-mail). 

If it has been over 48 hours since you received your tracking e-mail, and your tracking link is still not valid, please shoot our team an email.

Do you accept Paypal?

Unfortunately we do not accept Paypal due to their restrictions on tobacco, glass pipes and functional glass art. There are no exceptions to this, as Paypal has restrictions on all smoking products and accessories. Sorry 'bout the inconvenience.

We also do not accept pre-paid Visa gift cards (the ones without a CVV authorization code).

Need To Return An Item?

We accept returns on all unused products, as well as electronics within their original, unopened packaging. If the product has been used, even just once, we cannot accept a return. No exceptions.

Items to be returned must be reported within a week  (seven) days of delivery. We will need a photo of the unused item or the unopened box before we can issue you a pre-paid return label. 

At this time, our current shipping solution does not allow for us to generate pre-paid shipping return labels for our international friends. All International Purchases are final.

For US orders, follow these steps to complete your return.

  1. Take a photo of your unused item and upload it to our customer service form. If you have any issues with uploading the photo, e-mail it directly to us at info@originalpuff.com. Please include a brief reason for the return so that we can work to better improve our products. 
  2. Next, you'll receive a pre-paid label from our support team. Once you've received your shipping label from our customer support team, simply pack up your item(s) in the packaging materials and box it came in. Secure the pre-paid shipping return label to the box, and drop it off at your nearest postal office. We cover all shipping to and from for our customers!
  3. When our team has received your return, we can either perform an even exchange with a different product, or if you'd like, we can reinstate the full amount in store credit to use as you see fit! 

Credit card refunds can only be arranged by special request. Credit card refunds can only go to the card used at the time of purchase. 

It's that easy! All you have to do is send us a photo & pack up and drop off your return! Then, it's all in our hands as we prepare your credit or product exchange for you.

Why does my confirmation email not have a tracking number?

Your confirmation email is simply to let you know that your card went through and that our system received your order. It is also to serve as a double check of all the items that you wanted, with their appropriate colors and joint genders. Please use the number on your confirmation email as a reference in case you have any questions about your order for our team.

You will receive a separate e-mail as soon as our fulfillment team gets their hands on your shipment and slaps a label on that box.

Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

Most of our items are able to be shipped to post office boxes, however there may be some exceptions. If there's an issue our staff will be in touch to let you know and either grab an alternate address we can ship to or assist in canceling the order.

Do you store payment or banking information in your systems?

When you place an order with us, your payment or banking information is encrypted and secure through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). It is stored just long enough for the transaction to go through, and then is permanently deleted. We do not store any payment or banking information on our systems, and so have nothing to delete if requested.

For more information, please see our site's Privacy Policy

Return Requests and Return Policy

We need to be notified within 48 hours after arrival for broken or defective products. Please do not return them. Contact customer service as soon as possible and we would be happy to assist you.

We accept returns of unused item(s) up to 30 days after the order has been placed. If the product has been used, even just once, we cannot accept the return.*

For return requests due to wrong size and/or gender ordered, sign in to your account and head on to our Return Portall to submit a return request.

For return requests due to wrong item(s), size, and or gender sent, send a photo of the unused item or the unopened box to info@originalpuff.com. As soon as we get the photo, we'll email a free return label right away and send the correct item(s) as well. We will not accept returns after a month from day of package delivery has elapsed.

At this time, our current shipping solution does not allow for us to generate pre-paid shipping return labels for our international friends. 

All International Purchases are final.

*If a returned item is deemed used upon inspection, it is immediately destroyed. The used item cannot be replaced, a refund cannot be issued, and we will take action to prevent any future orders from that customer account.

My order arrived and my product is broken or defective, what now?

Please let us know about broken or defective items within 48 hours of your shipment delivery.


Please email our support team at info@originalpuff.com and we'll help out as best we can.

If your glass arrived broken, please include clear pictures of the break in your email so we can verify the break and have a replacement sent out.

With items that you think may be defective, our team will first troubleshoot with you or refer you to the original manufacturer to assist. 

I placed an order but got an email that it was canceled right after, what's going on?

In order to offer you the best service possible, we use a fraud filter to protect against orders our system sees as fraudulent. Occasionally valid orders may be marked as fraudulent and wrongly canceled by our system. This is usually because of a mismatch between the billing address provided and the one on file with your bank. This can also happen if you are placing the order in a location very far from the shipping address provided.

If you've validated your billing address but your order is still not going through successfully, please contact our support team and we can help troubleshoot with you.

My order didn't go through, but I still have an authorization charge on my account.

If your order was not successfully processed, our system will not have charged your card. However, you may still see an authorization or hold on your account. In most cases, these will go away automatically within 1-3 business days and will not post to your account, but remain "pending" until cleared. If you have any issues, please contact our support team and we'll be happy to assist.

Why hasn't my package shipped yet?

COVID-19 Update: In order to protect the safety of both you and our staff, precautions are being taken that may impact processing time. Currently most orders are shipping within 0-5 business days of being placed, however may take longer. We appreciate your patience while we work as quickly and safely as possible to ensure your products are shipped in a timely matter.

Most of our products ship within 1-3 business days, but during busy times such as sales, holidays, or times of increased volume they may take longer. Our staff will reach out to the email you entered at checkout if there is an issue with your order, such as an item going out of stock or an invalid shipping address.