Federal Government Needs Weed Tax

Federal Government Needs Weed Tax 

In the United States, 33 states have already decriminalized and made it legal for dispensaries to open up. If we look at the map, usually more of the conservative states are opposed to legalizing weed. They are pressured by the community, because they do not want dispensaries near their family. If the Federal Government legalized weed tomorrow, the government will collect  around 50-100 billion dollars. This money is needed to build infrastructure and help low income communities to prevent the huge effect of the pandemic. 

California was the first state to legalize weed in the USA. Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize cannabis for recreational use. If you were watching the news closely, in Colorado when they first legalized it, a lot of the companies were making weed tours that attracts tourists from all around the world. Because of this move, a lot of people from other states wanted to move to Colorado. Real estate prices increased and the economy grew in the state. The model was so successful so the  state made a huge amount of tax from weed. They used the money to give out scholarships to the students from low income families, created jobs and built infrastructure for the cities that needed it badly. Why are other states not accepting the same model. Conservative states need funding but they insist on not giving licenses to dispensaries because they are scared of the community pressure. So the real question is, who is actually using weed medicinally?  According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse 1 in 128 people are overdosing on opiod. This includes veterans and active duty personnel. A person cannot overdose on weed but a person can die from opioids. They either have to go to rehab for treatment or in jail. Crime and opioid is parallel because if a person cannot find this drug they start committing crimes and go to jail as a result. So why do government officials would not ban this drug and accept weed as a substitute. Well opioid producing companies have large amounts of money. They use this money for lobbying purposes and also to give funding to politicians. As a result big fish will always eat small fish. If there is a legislation, then the  politicians will deny or accept whatever the Big Pharma companies tell them. 

If a community thinks weed is bad, they should look into opioid use in their community. I am not saying all the politicians are corrupt but a lot of them only care about how much money goes into their pockets. We have to legalize weed on a federal level because we do not want any of the Americans to die from a drug. 

There are no weed related studies from colleges because weed is banned on a federal level. If colleges can research more about weed then I believe communities will also see the difference and vote for weed to be legalized in their state. Weed doesn't harm anyone and its not addicting. If someone wants to cut weed, they can do that. If someone wants to cut on opioid they just cannot do it because they body will be in pain at all times. 

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